[Pika!] Retirement

Am I the only one who has tons of ideas for what I want to do in my retirement? Traveling a lot will not only be enjoyable by itself, but it will also feed two other hobbies I plan to take up in my later years. I want to go metal-detecting on beaches and such. They actually sell really nice metal detectors that are expensive, and I will get one of those because I will be that serious about it. I don’t plan on actually finding anything worth money, but I bet I will find some interesting stuff. And it’s a nice active hobby to have as an old person. It will give me an excuse to travel as well, we (me and my husband) can go to places where there might be treasure washed up or something, I bet we could find tons of cool, unusual vacation spots this way. I also want to take up birdwatching. This also fits in with traveling, as we can travel the globe to sample the local culture, history, food, and see the local birds. I want to have this hobby because I love birds and I would love to be a birdwatcher.

Do any of you guys have plans for what you want to do when you are retired?

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