[Pika!] Why they sing

Yesterday evening, I attended the Compulsive Lyres a cappella show with my friend, Calypso. As we watched the group’s performance, our spirits grew ravenous to sing, and we both knew that we had to satiate this desire. Upon exiting the Mendelssohn Theatre, Calypso suggested we go to North Campus to find silent space that our voices could occupy.  Decision made, we headed to the CC Little bus station, and we sang with each step.

Interrupting our harmonization, she interjected unsung word: “Maybe the music majors sing in public all the time because they have to. Like we have to right now. Maybe they have no choice.”

So we recall the times spent last year on North Campus in the Bursley dining hall when there would always be that table, the one with students who were full of song and  were unapologetic for it. It went without inquiry; those were the music students. And Calypso’s words got me thinking. When I walk to class or sit in a dining hall, I can study my craft silently. But song is their craft, and perhaps to sing is to study. Perhaps they have no choice.

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  1. Hey Erica, thanks for your very reflective post. I’m glad that you enjoyed the performance! If I had three wishes from a magic genie, one of my wishes would be to have my life as a musical for a day…Kinda reminds me of the Scrubs “The Musical” episode. I think you might enjoy this clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlyjcHVxhiM
    My next wish would probably be then to ask for more wishes. 🙂

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