Pride and Writing

Hey everyone. So, as mentioned briefly in class, I had the amazing opportunity this week to interview Jake and Amir from, and write an article for the Michigan Daily about it. The two are coming to campus to perform a live show Friday night, so they were trying to generate some interest.

I’ve only written one other piece for the Daily that required me to actually go to an event and interview people, so I was still kinda new to it all. Luckily, I just jumped right in, though not without its complications.

I was up all Wednesday night listening to the shitty quality of the audio recordings, trying to get some quotes down. I was also studying for a lovely econ exam, but that’s not really the point. Basically, I structured the article around the interview questions, and I did a Q & A format, and I think it really showed Jake and Amir’s back-and-forth joking during the interview.

However, after a hellish day yesterday including sleeping past this class and sprinting to class, I glance at my email and my editor says that she doesn’t like the Q&A formats, and thinks I should switch it up. What.

Apparently, she says the Daily doesn’t usually post articles in Q & A format, even though I modeled my article after one that I found on the website. Furthermore, she says that is has just been her personal preference the last year.

At this point, I am noticeably angry and pissed off, but I realized that this was part of the job, she had much more experience than I did, and it was time to stifle my pride and just get it done. The final product did turn out great (still debating in my mind which would have been better), but this was really one of the first times that I felt, or even had the opportunity, passionate enough about a piece of writing that I wanted to scream at someone. I figure that can’t be all bad, as it shows that I really put my all into the article. It’s just something that you don’t face when trying to write a book or report on technology that your editor can’t really contradict you on, since it’s out of their knowledge-sphere.

Anyways, here’s the article, it made the front page of the daily both print and online today, so that’s pretty awesome considering I’ve only been with them a month and a half.¬†

Let me know what you all think, and realize that my editor edited out “shit” and inserted “pooped” which grinds my gears again because I sound like I’m five years old…oh well. Poop.


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