Writing to Procrastinate Writing

I have a procrastination problem. And so now I am writing to procrastinate writing my paper. It’s funny how writing a paper for a specific prompt is so hard so I instead write about something else to distract myself. But if I just wrote about what I was supposed to be writing about the whole time instead of writing texts, emails, on people’s facebook walls, etc while wasting time maybe my papers would be done faster. And better. It is a vicious cycle. I think I have written more papers this semester than I ever have had to in 4 months of my life ever. And yet I always still procrastinate.  You would think I would learn by now.

But so my question is: is procrastination part of the “writing process”? Is that allowed? I honestly feel as if I would not be able to write my papers or be considered a writer at all if I didn’t procrastinate somewhat. I would love to be one of those people who can write a little bit every night and then edit edit edit and still be done with the paper 2 days before it is due. But I can’t. My writing process is procrastinate research, do research, procrastinate writing, write, then edit. It is problematic yet so habitual.

2 thoughts to “Writing to Procrastinate Writing”

  1. I think that it really depends about how you define “procrastination.” If you’ve been engaging in free-writes or drafting, then no, you’re not procrastinating. If you are engaging an an activity (such as listening to music) that you find puts you in a creative/reflective mood, then you’re probably not procrastinating. That being said, everyone does need to relax so there’s nothing wrong with texting, writing e-mails, or going on Facebook. It’s just about finding the appropriate balance. Good luck with your paper.

  2. I totally agree with you. But there’s another way to look at it… I procrastinate a LOT, but I also know that I work much better under pressure. So for me, it’s that balance of finding out how much time I absolutely need to complete the assignment and figuring out how much time I can procrastinate until I absolutely have to get started. Keep in mind, this is also a suuuper risky process. So for my Human Security class, I just wrote an 8 single-spaced page policy memo and I ended up waiting till a day before it was due and then cranking it out. But as the comment before suggested, I had my topic and research all completed and together before I started to sit down and write.

    That being said, I decided to try a different writing process with my Cognitive Psychology paper. I first wrote a rough draft, and then had 3 people peer review it. After that, I wrote another draft incorporating the feedback I received and made other organizational changes. Then I took it to my GSI and had him read it over and give me some feedback, and last night I made the necessary changes and I was finally happy with it! And the paper isn’t even due until next week! So, this process worked really well for me and was much more relaxing, but I also had a specific set of guidelines to follow that made it much easier.

    So it’s really whatever works for you 🙂 As long as you plan out how you procrastinate haha

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