Writng, Revising and the Art of Hair-Pulling

Recently, most of my time is spent on writing fiction, though perhaps not as happily as I’d hoped. My current assignment for English 223 is to draft a 10-15 page short story about… well, anything. So far, it seems I’ve discovered that I know how to write, edit, revise, re-write, and pull out my hair in frustration. I’ve always been much more comfortable writing nonfiction and poetry than short fiction, and this assignment has highlighted some of the fears I’ve always had about fiction writing:

1. The story is boring/unrealistic – Oh my, the worst thing a story can be called. Why would anyone want to read my writing… when it’s very amateurish, especially for a student who just started writing fiction.

2. There are too many irrelevant things in the story – I don’t even. Why does the color of her hair matter? Does his height really add anything to the story?

3. The writing style is too melodramatic – Guns and shootings and drug cartels. I think I don’t know the first thing about them.

4. What is this story even about?? – Oh dear, is it okay that the story is just… a story? Should it be making a point? Or an argument?

I really am so much more comfortable with nonfiction.

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