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Last semester in an english class I took we wrote creative non-fiction essays.  We had no official prompts–we could write about anything that we wanted–but our essays had to be descriptive and had to have a purpose.  This class was surprisingly a very welcomed break from the traditional essays that I had grown so accustomed to writing in college.  In fact, I liked it so much that I want my Writing 400 project to also be creative non-fiction.  The question now…what do I write.

Here are the three ideas that I initially thought of.  If I do end up going the creative non-fiction route, I am not quite sure what unifying theme would tie these ideas together other than them all be creative non-fiction.  Let me know your thoughts!

1.  Write about my summer working on an ambulance in Israel
Last semester I wrote a short essay about two specific cases that I saw when working on the ambulance.  The essay was very specific to two cases of suicide that I saw.  I really enjoyed writing this essay and finding meaning in these two cases.  One option is therefore to write more about my experience working in Israel–going beyond these two cases and writing about my overall experience, something that I did not get a chance to do when writing this other essay.
2.  Write about college: what I expected vs. what it is actually like
Thinking back on my college experience, there are so many things that I would have done differently.  From what I studied to the amount of time I spent in the library, college was very different than how I expected it to be.  I thought it might be fun/interesting to write about this in the form of creative non-fiction instead of a traditional essay that essentially lists these differences.
3.  Explore “hate-watching” television
As I mentioned in class, I watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians and end up making fun of them the entire time (I’m not that mean, I promise).  I don’t enjoy this television show for reasons other than hating it.  Along these same lines, I read tons of fashion blogs.  While I mostly read them because I genuinely enjoy learning about the behind the scenes of the fashion industry, I also enjoy looking at different fashion collections and listing all the reasons why I would never wear many of the pieces.
Let me know what you think.

One thought to “3 ideas”

  1. I definitely see a fit for your first two ideas in that they both look backward on events past. It seems like a really easy connection to make, but how you look backward on these series of events is similar. When you describe writing your essay about your time working in an ambulance in Israel, you say that you really enjoyed finding meaning in the experiences you had. I think that writing about your college experience also has this desire for finding meaning – whether it’s a meaning that you’re entirely satisfied with or not is another matter.

    And I see another connection between your first and third ideas. Maybe I’m skating on thin ice here, but both of these ideas deal with these sort of outsider-voyeur identity. In both the case of riding in ambulances and hate-watching, you are looking in to significant events in real peoples’ life, but without actually knowing them or interacting normally with them.

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