Aggregators and curated sites

Here are some aggregator and/or curated websites I found while poking around the Internet:

Gojee – This site has some amazing, huge photos of food. Always a good thing (maybe except when we’re hungry). Oddly enough, the company that set up the website added fashion to its website. Something feels odd about seeing food and drinks placed right beside lingerie, which is then followed by heels, dresses, bags, and jewelry. But, I suppose, for a site that celebrates “luxury,” that works…?

Book cover archive – This website houses many book cover designs. It is quite fascinating to look at the variety of designs ranging from very simple, uncluttered ones to very elaborate and colorful ones.

Devour – This video aggregator website is likely one of the best or worst things I’ve discovered. These hand-picked videos from all the popular videos available are bound to entertain. The best part is probably the lack of the often-dangerous comments section.

Infographics – Condensed data with graphics – yes.

Metacritic – Reviews pooled together and boiled down to attach a single numerical value to movies, games, TV shows, and music.

I’m not sure if the next one counts but I can’t resist sharing: – A food blog with nicely done videos telling the stories of people who are deeply committed to creating food out of passion.

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