Such a funny word. It always seems upset at me. Here are my favorite ones:

Poynter | I love following the news and media industry. Poynter does a nice job in covering the ever-changing news industry, particularly how companies are adapting during the internet age. This site curates links and articles from across the web about this particularly area of writing.

Newsweek’s Tumblr | Newsweek will no longer be publishing a magazine in-print. Instead, the company will focus on its web efforts. I especially like Newsweek’s Tumblr–I find it to be quite accessible, readable, and enjoyable. They grab things from all over the web. Definitely check it out.

Slate’s The Slatest | This is a little bit more of a traditional news aggregators. I like the commentary they add to the news stories they include.

Of course, my favorite aggregators will always be Reddit, Buzzfeed, and Huffington Post. Please don’t ever take those away from me, Internet!

Let me know what you think of these different sites.


One thought to “Aggregators”

  1. Newsweek! I would be interested to know how you regard the relative shallowness of that periodical in light of your taste for greater snark/rigor as per Slate or Huffpo.

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