And Why Again Should We Keep Affirmative Action? – Untrustworthy Source

I never really knew much about affirmative action until my class studied a few articles on it my freshman year. We each had to take a stand point: we agreed with affirmative action or we felt it should no longer exist. And truthfully, after reading many articles regarding the matter, I decided that I am against affirmative action. So, when I saw this post in the Michigan Daily titled “Affirming Affirmative Action,” I was instantly intrigued. However, I was disappointed to find that the author did not include any statistics or evidence within his argument. He simply stated his point of view (that we must keep the practice of affirmative action alive) and supported it only with his own personal opinions. I am not saying that his argument is wrong; however, I cannot trust that he has researched enough of the con’s regarding affirmative action. I also do not trust the author because he simply goes off of the cliche argument about giving minorities an equal opportunity. He even mentions his own personal experience in creating in interfaith organization, but he forgets to discuss if it was a success or not – so how can I trust him?


Here is the link to the article: Affirming Affirmative Action

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