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Projects of this sort are intimidating because rarely in classes do you have this much freedom to invest time in whatever you are interested in. I keep thinking to myself: pick something awesome, don’t screw-up, is this a good idea. Yeah it’s good–I’m not so sure it is. Will I still be interested in this later in the semester?

After wading through a bit of intellectual anxiety, these are my ideas for my project.

1. An extended exploration in vulnerability.

After watching this video this summer watch?v=iCvmsMzlF7o the concept of vulnerability became very interesting to me. It wasn’t something I thought about a lot. Here a few central questions I’d like to consider in my writing.

  • What is vulnerabilty?
  • What purpose does it serve in our life?
  • How ought we approach vulnerability?
  • Are there different types of vulnerability?
  • Is it good or bad?
  • What myths surround vulnerability

With this topic I thought I could use different types of media to get at these different questions. I could interview people about what they thought vulnerability meant, and make a short video. I could blog about my research.

2. Letters to my sister

It has been hard to connect in a meaningful way with my little sister when I am at school. We gain a lot of ground when I come home for breaks, but she’s one of those people that it is hard to maintain just a texting relationship with. She is also through a tough time right now, and I think it would be neat if I could use writing to connect and reach out to her.

I read somewhere that the best writing is for one person. While I don’t know the truth of this claim, I think there is definitely something to the idea of consistently writing with only worry about how one person will perceive it. It seems like that would preserve the integrity of the writing.

I was imaging a blog, where I could write about some of the things I’ve learned that I want her to know—maybe some in fiction (because with my little sister, sometimes you have to be pretty sly if you’re trying to get a message across). Also with this project, I could use different media for this project as well.

3. Philosophy for the common man

I am a philosophy major and I love it as much, if not more than pancheros burritos—which is saying a lot. The big criticism of philosophy is that it is it too far away in its lofty ivory academic towers to make an impact on people’s lives. My project would be someway to engage philosophy in a way that more people feel like they have the tools to approach it and relate to it. I’m not entirely sure at this point what that would entail.

This is the most vague of my ideas. I don’t know what form it would take, or what features I would use to achieve my goals. Would I try to distill some important arguments or not use any sort of academic writing in my project?


Bring two ideas together:

I can easily see the connection between creating some sort of sharing-insight-with-my-sister project and exploring vulnerability. The results of  my exploration could be a central thing I wrote about and shared with her. The project of writing to her could be a piece of my experiment in vulnerability.

One thought to “Le Project”

  1. Is there anything specifically from philosophy that you think it might be good for your little sister to know or that is especially relevant to the aforementioned tough time she’s going through right now? If so, I think you could actually work with ideas 2 and 3 really nicely. You would obviously have to make the philosophy accessible (a concern that comes out a lot in idea 3) and also present it in a way that wouldn’t totally seem like you’re trying to drill knowledge into her (again, a concern raised in idea 2). Vulnerability might be able to play a part in this too: might your sister be more willing to make herself vulnerable to you and the things you might want to teach her, and if so, what kind of power and responsibility does that come with? Can this be applied to an audience even beyond your sister?

    I hope this helps! These sound really interesting!


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