Melissa Danko has been a wolverine since birth and hails from Ann Arbor (technically, a small town called Saline that is about 12 minutes away).  Maize and blue are two of her favorite colors, and the Big House is one of her favorite places in the world.  She enjoys rather typical hobbies like shopping and hanging out with her friends.  Melissa played piano for 11 years, which explains her love for classical music (but doesn’t explain her love for rap and hip-hop as well.)  She likes to get crafty with the help of possibly the most addicting site ever, Pinterest, and when she feels inspired, she’ll try out a recipe she finds on there as well.  She really, really loves cupcakes and mini things in general.  Melissa is also rather obsessed with cats, and her friends have taken to calling her “Melkitty.”  She is the proud owner of three cat shirts and one actual cat named Milo.  She says “meow” on occasion as well.  Although it would seem that she just wants to be a crazy cat lady, Melissa hopes to be a doctor in some far away time after many more years of schooling, and she is motivated because she likes to take care of people.  Also because she thinks the human body is one of the coolest things ever.  For the time being, she is a biology major/writing minor just trying to survive undergrad.

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