Politics from the political scientist

Here were my three project ideas that I proposed to Ray:

  • Living in Poverty: Perspectives on Socioeconomic Status. For this project, I want to look at socioeconomic status through various disciplines: sociology (inter-group relations), political science (agency), psychology (cognitive development), and so forth. I would also like to frame this with personal experience (anecdotes) by going on a “spending diet,” restricting myself from normal luxuries and to a tight budget.
  • The Politics of English Grammar. I would like to make this multi-modal with a digital article. I am thinking of doing an article in the format of a presentation, like seen on Forbes or other major news sites, where there are large pictures to the left with text related to the pictures on the right.
  • Fisher v. University of Texas, Austin: Why Race Should Be a Factor in Admissions. I would like to do this possibly in a blog format that presents Texas’s history and concentration of minorities; takes a position on the case, its briefs, and oral arguments; and then establish why race-based admissions are important in terms of diversity looking at multiple disciplines and the precedent in Grutter v. Bollinger.

The obvious link between my three project ideas is politics/political theory. I am interested in how we function as a society and the institutions that affect our well-being, and after looking at my projects more closely, I realized that there was an area that I was specifically looking at within the frame of politics/political theory: social inequality. Each of my projects looks at minorities or groups within society that have marginalized agency and how they relate to social inequalities in America.

Joseph Elliott

Hello, my name is Joseph Elliott, and I am a student at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, obtaining a Minor in Writing.

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