Project Ideas and Finding Connections

Coming up with a final project for our capstone seems like a big decision, but here are the three ideas I’ve come up with so far. None of them are fully developed and are just beginnings of ideas, but maybe thinking how they all connect will me develop them more.

My first idea is about food/cooking and social change. I want to look at ways that people use food to build community or to teach and engage people. Maybe this will be in a form of collecting stories and finding research and examples of how this can be done and how it is effective. I want it to be both personal and something that I can learn from. I thought about incorporating these ideas into a mini-magazine/booklet that looks similar to a recipe book and has a lot of graphic design, but also includes writing.
Another idea is exploring the ways that people take care of each other. This is kind of broad right now. I think I want to put together different stories, thoughts, examples all of ways people take care of one another or attempt to take care of other or think about taking care of others. I have a few specific examples I am thinking of, and once I start to work those out, I think I will have a more clear overall idea.
Last, I thought about looking at the essay questions that I answered on my application to get into U of M and re-answering the same question to see how it compares to my original answer. I think this could be interesting because I’m sure the questions revolved around topics that U of M wanted us to get out of our college experience, and it would be a unique way to evaluate that.
I think in all three of these ideas I express the desire to do some sort of layering of experiences and stories and research to develop a point. Also, in my first two ideas I see that I am wanting to think about human relationships and the impact they have on societal change.
I would love some input from other capstone classmates about how these ideas connect or anything else that might help me develop my ideas more!

2 thoughts to “Project Ideas and Finding Connections”

  1. Eva, I think you have great ideas here. I remember your CASC project from last semester about the social entrepreneurship cafes, so I’m sure your first proposal would be fascinating. I especially like your final idea that would explore how you’ve changed since your admission to the university. We all answered those application essay questions when we were at such a different place, and I believe re-examining our answers and forming new ones would produce interesting results. You could also think about asking other people to share their original essays and speak with you about how they’ve developed 4-5 years later. Just a thought!

  2. Hm, I think another area of thought you could explore is what communities and individuals do to address areas of need that are not currently being met. This, of course, ties in nicely with your idea of exploring how people take care of one another. It also can tie in with your focus on food and social justice. For example, I’m sure you’ve heard of community gardens in the notorious food desert of Detroit, some of which supply their neighborhoods and some of which even supply local restaurants. NPR did a series not too far back on this issue. Check it out if you haven’t already!

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