Untrustworthy Source: ESPN/ESPN Chicago

In this post is a link to a recap of a game between the Chicago Bulls and Detroit Pistons. I included this link because in my opinion, over the last 6-7 years, ESPN has become more of an entertainment channel instead of reporting unbiased information about sports and games. This particular article came from ESPN Chicago. I feel that it is untrustworthy to take knowledge about the game from this article because it was written by a Chicago sports writer. In the article he says the Bulls earned their way back into the game by playing well at the end. Although this might be true, a Detroit sports reporter might write about how the Pistons gave the game away at the end by showing fatigue. Although I am a big Chicago sports fan and frequent this website to check on my teams, I do think the information can be untrustworthy and biased. They also have a lot of articles about the progress of the Bulls star, Derrick Rose and his return from a torn ACL. Since recovery from such types of injuries are difficult to predict, and journalists are in a bind to have material in a 24 hour news cycle, they make a lot of claims and suppositions about Rose’s return.




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