When I write

When Do I Write?

It seems that I most often write when I have to, mostly because I don’t have time to otherwise. Most of my writing is done for class or some other work related calling. I rarely get to write just for the fun of it. However this day in age there are other ways of writing that may not seem like or be considered as writing. I consider a lot of the things I post on Facebook to be writing because I usually write long drawn out ideas, thoughts, or feelings.

I like to write in quiet places. I can’t write where it is loud or there are distractions because I can’t concentrate and I lose my train of thought easily. I prefer to write in small places like in the comfort of my room or in a lounge somewhere. I just have to be somewhere relaxing and be relaxed as well. I find it’s easiest to write when you are in a peaceful place or happy state of mind so you can focus on your writing clearly without distractions. However writing when you are in an emotional state can also help to create and enhance your writing, depending on the context of the assignment.


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