Howdy y’all.

Alright sooooo…my project has since transformed from being photographically based to being composed instead of multiple genres that include:  personal reflections about my experiences at New Bethel Baptist Church (in the form of  eleven, 1-2 page journal entries completed after each Sunday I attend), a lengthy narrative, 4-5 interviews (transcribed and recorded), perhaps a creative fiction piece, maybe a few haikus.

I’d like to use smaller pieces as fodder for a larger immersive piece which I think will explore the following vague concepts: bias, authority, identity, story-telling, voice, and translation. I’m not sure that this really makes sense. I’m also not really sure what I’m doing. I guess my primary mode of research is conversations with congregation members and pastors at the church. I’d like to learn about this particular community for lots of different reasons, (both personal and academic) but I think I’d like this research project to challenge the typical academic research model of relying primarily upon scholarly text. Instead, I’d like the perspectives, opinions, and stories of the people that I meet to inform my pieces. I will conduct a series of interview (maybe 4-5) and audio record them behind ONE photo essay (which I hope will include 50-70 photos).

I’d love your guys’ feedback on different genres. Has anyone taken any classes where you’ve had to write journal/reflective pieces, and perhaps can suggest a general format? Or perhaps someone has taken one of those neat RC oral history classes and knows a thing or two about ethical interviewing techniques? Or maybe you guys have suggestions of other genres of writing you think would be neat to incorporate into this? Really, any ideas would be fabulous.

Thanks everyone! See you tomorrow bright and early.

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