Manifesto Madness

When T first introduced the idea of writing a manifesto, the first thing that popped into my head was GRILLED CHEESE!   I can’t explain why, but I immediately started thinking about how to create a Grilled Cheese Manifesto–before she got the chance to say that it needed to be a Why I Write Manifesto.  Buzzkill.  So I decided to write two manifestos, because writing about grilled cheese was that important.  Here they are!

2 thoughts to “Manifesto Madness”

  1. I would like to respectfully disagree with you on the necessity of tomato soup.
    Sometimes, when you have as powerful a combination of grilled bread and melted cheese, you don’t need much else. The is something glorious about just biting into that triangle of melty goodness (yes, triangle, it vitally important how you cut your sandwich) and letting the simple but warm flavors mix together in your mouth.
    I would also like to posit that a grilled cheese sandwich tastes even better when you make it yourself. It can be a tricky business to get the timing right, but once you do, and the bread is a wonderful golden brown, you can look at it and say, “I did that. I made that beautiful sandwich. Now let’s eat.”
    (I confess, I usually have potato chips with my grilled cheese, but make no mistake – the sandwich is the main dish.)

  2. Kelsey, I appreciate your opinion on grilled cheese, although it did get me a little flustered at first (of course tomato soup is a must!). But then I started thinking about certain, nontraditional grilled cheese sandwiches I’ve made, and then I agree that sometimes they can stand alone. I once made a grilled cheese with brie, raspberry jam, and fresh rosemary on French bread, and it was divine. Tomato soup would have certainly ruined that.

    I also agree that I prefer homemade grilled cheese, although I think my reason for that is more based on the fact that it feels like a waste to pay for bread and cheese at a restaurant. It’s kind of like macaroni–I refuse to buy macaroni and cheese at a restaurant, no matter how good it looks. (The exception to this is when I was in NYC and they had an appetizer sampler of different gourmet mac and cheese dishes…how could anyone resist that?!).

    Freshman year, I used to make grilled cheese in the dining hall any day that they served tomato soup. And yes, I always cut it into triangles.

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