A Bubble That’s Bursting!

After exploring the idea of The Higher Education Bubble, I feel that the youtube video I have chosen portrays the definition better than most of the articles I have read. Also, I was entertained by the video, which shows a hand-drawn diagram of the concept in fast-forward speed (also including captions here and there next to the pictures). From this video I learned of the increased value our society has placed on education and how this has created huge debts for college students and families. At the very end of the video, the male’s voice in the background states, “the bubble is going to burst.” And if we continue on this path, he is so right!

Click the link below to watch the youtube video:

EncounterBooks – The Higher Eduction Bubble Youtube Video

However, I do feel that the audience of this piece is more of the parents of college students or moreover, parents of “soon-to-be college students,” rather than the college students themselves. I searched a bunch of articles to try and find one that was directed solely to us, the students, but it was difficult to really find one true article that’s subject (college students) was also its audience. I think that we, as college students, are already invested in our education for the most part, or at least I believe that here at Michigan we are. Thus, I feel that the writers are trying to reach out to parents of students that will soon be applying to universities in order to warn them of the bubble that is about to burst.



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