Now Accepting Recommendations/Advice/Help!

As you may already know, my project focuses on our online relationships. I’m particularly interested in how our online identities complement or greatly differ from our in-person personas. I anticipate for my project to include interview with my friends and family who will talk about how they communicate with others online, via text, and in person. I’m curious to see how they talk with me, face-to-face about themselves and their online habits and how this differs when we converse online.

I’ve done some research through MLibrary/Mirlyn, and they’ve given me some resources of scholarly nature. I’m wondering if you all know of any items that may be helpful for my project.

Thank you all. You are all great!

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  1. Have you tried looking into how people interact on dating sites? I’ve seen some screen captures of OKCupid messages and they are just… out there. Also, anonymous raging online strangely proves that people can be extremely nice and also extremely condescending when not interacting face to face. I think these are simply for illustrative purposes if you are using real examples in your analysis.

  2. Hey Mark,

    A fellow philosophy major is doing her thesis on privacy and social media. She is looking at our current internet practices, assessing the norms that exist and suggesting how they should be amended. I know privacy is a bit different than what in particular you are working on, but if you think it would be helpful I can ask her if there are any good pieces of philosophy on issues of the internet.

    I am also writing my honor’s thesis on friendship and other special obligations (i.e. family) so if you need an recommendations about papers to read that look at relationships, I could recommend some.

  3. OMG MARK I HAVE AN IDEA. You should totally just create a or a account and chat with someone for a bit and then go on a date with them. You could compare the type of person they present themselves as on their profile to who they actually are when you meet them. Maybe you could even have a few text conversations in between to really establish a basis for comparison of multiple identities. Just a thought! Could be kinda fun!

    1. That is the coolest idea oh man.

      Have you looked at things like celebrity twitter feeds and how those might compare with how they present themselves to the public? Those might be an interesting, and probably extreme case of what you’re looking at (since celebrities would be involved).

      Also, do you have a tumblr? If not, it might be worth it to look into the site because it straddles this weird area between anonymity and familiarity that makes for REALLY strange representations of people through a collection of what content they post and reblog. Might be worth a gander. : )

  4. This is definitely by no means a scholarly source, but have you seen the documentary Cat Fish and the subsequent MTV Show that came about from it. The documentary is of a man who believes that he was dating a beautiful, young, blonde woman online and when he goes to meet her…it is a little different than that! I didn’t want to ruin the movie for anyone. Definitely a great example of how people differ from their online presence.

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