Aren’t bubbles supposed to be fun?

I was particularly intrigued that I had never heard of the “higher education bubble” until last class.  It was astounding to me that here I was investing thousands of dollars in addition to countless hours of work and the reality of the situation is that it is very likely that my investment may not pay off.  Unlike past generations, a standard undergraduate degree no longer holds the same weight it once did.


I found a PBS short clip on the Higher education bubble particularly enlightening on the subject.


What surprised me the most was not that the net worth of my diploma is less than what it used to be, but rather that this was my first occurrence encountering this theory.  Being a currently enrolled college undergraduate student, this debate over the value of diplomas implicitly includes me as a member of the audience.  That being said, as far as I understand, there is little I can do to change this trend with universities’ tuition raises other than voice my complaints to a higher power with the hopes that they will appeal to my requests.  Seeing as I have little/no power in influencing administrators who influence college tuition rates, it would appear that this dilemma is more about me than directed at me to solve.  At this present point in my college education, I have already committed close to half of my investment in college, and as such it would be a poor decision for me to drop out.  However, if tuition rates continue to rise and the calculated value of a degree does not, this bubble may burst faster than anyone could have imagined.

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