Becoming part of a company “culture”

Okay, I’m admitting it. I love a good Wall Street Journal article. Even more than that, I love their forum discussions! This one I found particularly relevant to college students. It’s about “building a cohesive team” in the workplace and mastering a company “culture.” While we aren’t the ones creating a team and culture, most of us will soon be trying to fit into one. As I’ve searched for internships and read about job searches, companies often talk about their business environment. Especially in technology, it seems that companies from Facebook to Google have a certain company “vibe.”

As we move forward into the working world, how pertinent do you all think it is to look for companies in which you would “fit in?” Is that more important than the type of work, location etc.? Should we be doing more to discover the type of workplace we would best thrive? Thanks!


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  1. I’ve heard Wall Street has some great stuff, I just haven’t ventured into that arena yet. I think it’s really important to look at companies where one feels they would fit in. Ideally, I think type of work, location and company culture should balance out. I really am in the camp that where ever you are happiest is where you will succeed the most. So I’d move location and company culture slightly above type of work I guess my example would be if I graduated law school and couldn’t get work as a lawyer but maybe a managerial position – if I was in a laid back company setting in Chicago or San Diego I wouldn’t mind doing the different work.

    I definitely think there should be more emphasis on finding a work place that fits our personalities. I think that part of the job hunt is just an after thought. If people are working in places and environments where they can thrive, they’d be more productive and that’s good for the bottom line right?

    Cool topic, definitely something that is important for students getting up in the junior senior area of college.

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