First, a little explaining about this post.  It was last week, and we had just finished coming up with the brilliant idea of doing this #WednesdayWord thing.  “Blue” popped into my head, and I knew I wanted it to be the #WednesdayWord one week.  Fast forward a couple hours to me sitting in my Evolution discussion, and all I could think about was blue.  Although I really wanted to pull out my computer and start typing away, I knew that I shouldn’t make it super obvious that I was paying absolutely no attention.  I started handwriting in my notebook, something I haven’t done in years.  It was really cool to see how everything played out on paper, with little scratch-outs and add-ins.  This week, I rushed to class to put “blue” on the board.  (I also rushed to class to be able to buy Beyonce tickets right at 10 am…no luck though.)  This post isn’t super long or deeply thought out, but here are my initial thoughts on the word blue.

The Big House.  My homecoming dress from junior year of high school.  The veins so clearly seen on the inside of my wrist that carry deoxygenated blood.  My physics notebook.  The stripes on the shirt I’m wearing as I write this, the flowers on my scarf, and the pencil with which I am handwriting this.  Blue—all of these things are blue.

Blue has been my favorite color since I snapped out of the pink and purple phase that consumed much of my early childhood—I blame Barbie for that.  My room went from pink with teddy bears to a bright aqua blue with butterflies (embarrassing) and my walls have housed some shade of blue ever since.  As I got older, I found that I was gravitating towards this color that I now yell after the word “go” at football games.

Something about the color blue speaks to me.  It can be a bright blue, reminding me of that perfect ocean shade you can only seem to find in the Caribbean.  It can also be a rich, deep blue that calms you and grabs you at the same time, commanding your attention.  It’s almost bright, even though it’s dark.

Blue is so much more than a color, though.  As a life-long Michigan fan and U of M student, it has become a pride thing.  Blue is our color.  It shows up everywhere, from the streets filled with (maize and) blue on those glorious football Saturdays when the sun shines bright, to the blue signs that direct us around campus.  It is heard in the shouts of “Go…Blue!”   Blue surrounds us, and it defines us.

Sure, there are a lot of colors out there.  Crayola has managed to come up with some pretty clever names—Purple Mountain Majesty, anyone?—but I don’t need anything fancy.  Go blue.

One thought to “Blue”

  1. I was curious to know why you picked “blue” for the Wednesday word but who doesn’t love the color blue? I think “blue” is such a natural color. Whenever someone says blue, I immediately think of the sky and water (even though water isn’t technically blue). Sometimes, I wonder why “blue” is said to be such a calm color when it’s associated with such lively, natural things. When someone is “blue”, why do they have to be peaceful rather than “dynamic” or “forceful”(like the ocean)? It’s interesting to see how certain colors evoke certain emotions. “Red” always seems to represent anger while “yellow” always seems to portray happiness.

    I agree with “Blue” and the Big House. Like you, at this point in my life, whenever someone says “blue”, I instantly think “Go Blue” and the Michigan football games. I don’t think this sentiment is going to go away anytime soon.

    Overall, great post. Sorry about the Beyonce tickets. But Beyonce likes the color blue too, right? Afterall, she named her daughter Blue Ivy.

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