Higher Education Bubble

I find this video to be both informative and entertaining.  It seems to target ‘college students’ as the recipients of the message, that in this economy, the cost of a college education may not necessarily be “a ticket to future prosperity.” The video clearly articulates the meaning of the ‘higher education bubble,’ its potential to ‘pop,’ and reasons to pursue alternative plans.

Below are a few quotes I found particularly ‘seductive’ towards the video’s target audience.

“Degrees do not necessarily provide you with the skills necessary to repay how much debt can you sanely amass”

“36 percent of students did not demonstrate any significant improvement in learning over four years of college”

“7/10 fastest growing jobs in the next decade will be based on the job training rather than higher education”

“People pursuing these (hands on) careers will have greater job security in today’s economy and they will be free from crushing debt amassed by their peers”

Is higher education worth it?

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