Higher Education Bubble

The article linked below definitely appeals to the audience of college kids, who have probably seen Caddy Shack. But even if they haven’t, like me, the language and explanation is easy and accessible so you still understand what’s going on. I thought it was a creative way to analyze this phenomenon and I think more students my age and students thinking about applying to college would understand this concept when presented in this way.


I also chose to include the link of this video because I think it does a better job of explaining what’s actually going on. The fact that it’s a video definitely helps to appeal to the audience , however I don’t think it’s necessarily as accessible as the other other article. The only reason I say that is the voice is obviously a middle aged man who no longer has to deal with this and for the majority of the video he doesn’t address the actual subjects, just discusses the phenomenon. He does address at the end however so that helps.


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