How to survive the “bubble”

From initial research, to call the present college situation a “higher education bubble” may seem an overstatement. There are issues of students taking out loans to pay for overpriced schools, and that their degrees won’t turn into jobs that will help them pay back said loans. That’s easy enough to understand. An article by Andrianes Pinantoan, published on the America’s Future Foundation’s website, details ways that students can combat this fear. That’s why this article spoke to me- by evaluating the claims of major news outlets and being optimistic.

Going to a profitable school, picking a major with an “eye toward the future”, always research scholarships and working during college are all feasible ideas for most. They all depend on one’s situation. But in the end, college is an investment toward what is supposed to be a promising future. It’s not a time to … not plan.

In the end, as Pinantoan writes, “In conclusion, the college bubble is largely a myth; instead, it’s a reflection of fears about the high rates of student defaults. Comparisons to student loans to sub-prime mortgages, however, are faulty: the value of knowledge gained in college does not depreciate the way a house does.” This is what I’ve been thinking. Those who go through 4+ years at college without learning anything of importance are wasting their time and money. But many of us, myself hopefully included, will be able to avoid the bubble.

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