I Can Hear The Waves Calling Me Now…


Aaaah, the mighty Spring Break is almost upon us. We know this because the CCRB is packed, “spring wear” ads have taken over your browsers although it’s the dead of winter, and my entire sorority has decided that it is totally okay to skip dinner. The constant blizzard in our faces on our way to class is the big guy’s way of telling us, “Seriously, get out of here.” I don’t know about you, but man, am I pale.  I crave the hot, beating sun on my face, my iPod blasting, and that quick, cool breeze from waves crashing only a few feet away. Aaaah, yes. Spring Break.

But I’m curious, what do you think is the perfect break? I am pretty certain that partying from 10 am ’til dusk on a beach with every recognizable Facebook Friend is not everyones ideal choice of  a getaway. Truthfully, I’m usually the one who desires getting as far away as possible from the “scene,” but I figured I am only in college once. I didn’t go on my senior trip’s spring break back in high school…so, going to Mexico will be a crazy, new experience (eeeek). Anyways, how would you define your perfect getaway? Is it relaxing? Is it adventurous? Is one better than the other?



One thought to “I Can Hear The Waves Calling Me Now…”

  1. I went on a pretty reckless spring break trip to the Dominican Republic the last two years. As much fun as it was, I’m very pleased to announce that this year, I will not be drunk for 95% of my week off from classes, all while consuming only one type of beer available to us (never again, Presidente). However, I agree that it’s definitely a great college experience (sadly), and will look forward to doing it again as a senior next year (also sad).

    I think the perfect break is one that allows you to do something you don’t normally do. The perfect break allows you to get away from the people you normally spend time with. The perfect break allows you to go some place you don’t often go. The perfect break allows you to step outside of your “everyday” life and catch your breath. The perfect break is relaxing if you need it to be or adventurous if you’re up for it. Okay, enough trying to be like Dr. Seuss. That’s all I got.

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