If this wasn’t written for me… I don’t know what is

Here is an article I found about the higher education bubble. This article was perfectly written. I’m really sick and want to go to bed so when I saw this was a two page article I was not pumped. But then I read the first sentence and before I knew it I was done. The article gets the general idea of higher education bubble across to me in a simple, clear concise way at the end of basically a funny/interesting Caddyshack article.




this article seemed (just by the title, I could barely read 3 paragraphs) targeted at recent college graduates. so people who already have paid their dues as far as higher ed bubble.


anyway two articles with contrasting styles and one that worked great for me and one that didn’t



2 thoughts to “If this wasn’t written for me… I don’t know what is”

  1. Isn’t Caddyshack such a classic? But I just thought this author did an awesome job of setting up the inflation and $ in my mind and then dropped some succinct and clear knowledge at the end that just summed up the whole higher ed. bubble.

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