Let’s get some writer’s cabins on this campus!

Finding the perfect place on campus to write has been an especial struggle for me this year. I’m not sure if, over four years, I’ve just exhausted the regular corners, or if other students have discovered my secret hideaways, but the magic is gone.

I’m assuming a few of you have experienced similar frustrations, and have ended up walking around campus for 30+ minutes just to locate a cozy spot. I found a few neat sources that might inspire some thought on this.

Here’s  a tumblr of writers who seem to share my struggle, and offer some tips of places that work best for them-complete with pictures. And here’s another blog that explores the topic “Where Writers Write.”

These gave me a few ideas, but I still think we should propose that UM build some writer’s cabins around campus. Seriously–space is everything!

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