Missing My [Pika!] Mates

Long time no write.  It’s been over two months since the end of last semester (aka the end of Writing 200 aka the end of one of my favorite classes of all time), and something seems to be lacking.  Sure, I’m taking some enjoyable classes, and sure, I’m in an Upper Level Writing class, but there was something unique about Writing 200 that has left my semester unfulfilled.  The talking, the sharing, the joking, the weirdness, and the uniqueness of all of my classmates created a diverse environment that made waking up early (okay, 10:00 am wasn’t THAT early) bearable.

But, I’m not going to sit here and wallow in my sorrows. I’ve tried to stay involved in Sweetland this semester, but that’s been a challenge considering the time I’ve been spending studying and preparing for the MCAT in May (AHHH!!!).  I can say for certain that I’ve taken some of the skills I learned in Writing 200 and transferred them  to my other classes.  The most important skill has undoubtedly been the recognition of my audience; whereas I used to dread writing scientific papers, I’ve now come to accept the rigidness and appreciate its feasibility in promoting scientific understanding.  While I do miss the introspective thinking that “Why I Write” required and the creativity that our WordPress accounts necessitated, I take solace in the fact that we will be revisiting these projects in the Capstone course next year.

So, there is my life update.  I hope all of my fellow Pika classmates are doing well and I look forward to hearing how all of you guys are faring without the Gateway Course in your lives!

My Life=Not So Fun

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