My Top Pick(s)

After scanning through the many WordPress Themes, I’ve decided that my favorite is Sight. Not only is it fresh and clean looking, but everything on the page pops…in the good way, I mean. Plus, I absolutely love the slideshow at the top that highlights some of the important posts, as well as the layout of all the preceding entries.

I also browsed around at some of the previous Minor in Writing students’ portfolios and there were a few that stood out to me. One in particular, is Jordan Korn’s blog: She incorporated her love for cooking with her passion for writing. I just love the way she formatted her site, with tab names such as, “About The Chef,” “Side Dishes,” and “Dessert,” each as a metaphor for a particular topic within the Minor in Writing portfolio. So creative!


Okay, clearly I wasn’t quite sure if we were to post our favorite WordPress theme or student blog…so I decided I’d just give you both! Enjoy!

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