Recommendations needed

Hi guys,

I am interested in exploring vulnerability. Right now, I am particularly interested in stories that have vulnerability as a central element. But if you have anything else you’ve read or listen to or seen, feel free to post that too. I’m just looking for some where to get started.


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  1. Everything I have to offer is unfortunately unscientific. But maybe something over here will prove helpful anyway.

    Have you ever read anything by Michele Morano? In particular, she has this one essay where she really explores vulnerability and hope in a creative nonfiction essay. The piece is called “The Subjunctive Mood” and its in a collection of hers called “Grammar Lessons.” I think it might be one of my favorite pieces of writing of all time, and it might help you out a little, at the very least by just providing another way people have explored vulnerability. Other examples of stuff in this vein that tend to be a little more investigative include Michael Lowenthal’s essay “You Don’t See the Other Person Looking Back,” Adam Gopnik’s “Death of a Fish”, and Elissa Schappell’s “Sex and the Single Squirrel”.

    Also, I would consider watching Adventure Time, and I’m not just saying that because the show is awesome (which it is) and everyone should watch it (which they should). The Ice King straddles this really interesting place between protection, threat, and vulnerability. This can be seen particularly in the episodes “Beyond this Earthly Realm,” “Mortal Coil,” Holly Jolly Secrets” parts 1 and 2, and “I Remember You.” It’s hard because all of these are spread out across multiple seasons, but I might just even be worth it to wiki the character (unless you’re afraid of spoilers).

    Hope some of these help!

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