Recommendations, Please!

For an update on what topic I am writing about, here is the general idea: I want to look at ways that food can play a role in social change efforts. I want to write different sections about ways that this can be done such as through urban farms, local business development, and alternative education programs. Most of what I read about for this topic either comes from my searches on JSTOR/ArticlesPlus/Proquest/etc. or from websites of organizations or businesses that I am studying or more popular information on the food movement.  So that means I’m really missing a lot of good stuff! Another thing that I have some information on is the idea of social entrepreneurship, which I have been able to get from a website called

I know there is a lot on this topic, so I would like to have some reading that is different from what we are being exposed to a lot more now. I think the New York Book Review version of my project would be something like this – a basic overview of all the problems there are with the food industry and how much it is hurting Americans. We’ve all probably seen Food, inc. or read about Michelle Obama’s organic garden or heard something along these lines. I want the New York Review of Books version of my project to come from the depth of my research. With that being said, I’m looking for any recommendations for things outside the box that will help me surpass the  NY Book Review level. Maybe it means looking at the history of how food has been used in societies; maybe it is some really great lecture on sustainability…. I don’t know! Recommendations, please!

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  1. Hey Eva,

    I follow U of M Sustainable Food Program on facebook and they have a lot of good links and news about on events on campus. For example, there is a symposium on careers in sustainable food on the 15th that is free to the public. Maybe you could attend an event and get to talk to some experts.

  2. Another interesting organization to take a look at is Will Work For Food. The organization promotes local volunteering to support a global cause, world hunger. The regional manager at U of M is one of my friends. I could put you in contact with her if you think that may be helpful. She has traveled a lot and speaks 4 or 5 different languages, so she may have a cool perspective on this topic. I’m pretty sure that the guy who started the organization is a U of M alum.

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