Required Readings

Here’s what I recommend you take a look at to get a better overview of my topic:

  • The executive summary of a study from the UK’s Government Office for Science that examines the changing nature of our identities due to the rise of online profiles and relationships. Solid research with intriguing scientific findings about this topic.
  • A recent blog post from the New York Times about online identities. I like how the bloggers structured this entry in question-and-answer format. It asks questions like “Are you the real you?” and “How Does Who You Are Online Affect How You Feel Offline?” They included outside resources too. Very informative piece!
  • An article fromĀ The Morning News that asks this question: “Who You Are and Who You Say You Are.” I think this gets to my interest: who do we think we are and who do we try to portray online?

I’m curious to hear about what you think of these resources. Did you find them to be helpful? What else can I post for you?

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