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I was meeting with an old professor earlier to talk about my project because he is really involved with community organizing stuff in Detroit, and he suggested I read this article called “Detroit Arcadia” by Rebecca Solnit. At first I didn’t see how it related much because it is so Detroit-focused, but after reading it in entirety, I realized that her conclusions about Detroit are really closely related to the information I want to get out of my project. It’s a pretty good read, and even though it’s focused on Detroit, it gives a good perspective on grassroots efforts in a place like Detroit, and the benefits they could bring compared to other projects that have been attempted there. I especially like this quote:  “The free-range chickens and Priuses are great, but they alone aren’t adequate tools for creating a truly different society and ecology. The future, at least the sustainable one, the one in which we will survive, isn’t going to be invented by people who are happily surrendering selective bits and pieces of environmentally unsound privilege. It’s going to be made by those who had all that taken away from them or never had it in the first place.”

Here is the link to that article:

Another thing that might be helpful for understanding my topic is this article about social enterprise. It’s actually pretty basic and not super interesting, but is a good outline of what social enterprise is and where it is going. It also provides a more research-based, practical look at how social entrepreneurship can work.

There is that link:

Lastly, I am including an excerpt from Grace Lee Boggs book, The Next American Revolution. Again, this is a Detroit focused article, but it is an example of how people are thinking about local, community-based initiatives as a way to work towards building stronger communities.

If you really wanted, you could read her whole book, but for the sake of this class here is a little sample:


I look forward to reading about everyone else’s topics!


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