Sources to Check Out for Josh’s Project

Hey all,

Below are 3 sources to check out. hopefully this kind of illuminates what I’m aiming for in my project.

Journey/IGN’s Review of Journey:

Ted’s Caving Journal:

A little long, but worth the read. If pressed for time, maybe just check out the first few pages. A few of the later pages, and the last page. The style and presentation of this piece is really important to pay attention to, I think.

Introduction from Espen Aarseth’s Cybertext(pages 1 through 19):

The first couple pages of the introduction are definitely the most important


I just watched this one for the first time and IT’S SUPER GOOD and I would highly recommend checking it out. The video is about 9 minutes and well worth it.

Internet Story


One thought to “Sources to Check Out for Josh’s Project”

  1. That last video is creepy! These things happen for real?! Also, when I read the caving journal the first time you posted it, I really wasn’t expecting an Angelfire site to be so… memorable.

    On a more related note, how are you conveying creepiness in your project? I remember you mentioning the use of chat boxes appearing as people interact with the site. What sort of content will the users be interacting with? Will they be navigating purely text or video or something else? I’m so excited to see what you make out of this.

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