The best blog comes from the best paper

It almost seems unfair to post a blog from the New York Times, but I am according to this list of notable wordpress users. Wordpress not only powers the New York Times, but also giants like CNN and Forbes.

So here is the New York Times blog “The Quad”, dedicated to all things related to college athletics from some of the strongest writers journalism has to offer.

It’s clean and easy to follow, with content on the left side of the screen, links to the rest of the website at the top (without redundancy). It has a simple black and white format with a font that resembles that of it’s print edition. It is updated regularly, includes pictures with its concise writing, has an archive and links to its other sports blogs and Twitter updates from its writers.

The downfall may be the advertisements found on the right hand side, however given its industry I’m willing to let it slide.

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