Was MTV ever about the music?

In researching some fairly popular blogs on wordpress, I came across the MTV’s newsroom blog (http://newsroom.mtv.com/).  Despite personally detesting what MTV has done to television, it seems as though MTV has maintained a seemingly pristine collection of current music news, videos, and of course gossip as well.  While this site does unfortunately focus on matters such as Snooki, there are many very well written articles on contemporary musicians and other general news which is surprisingly well displayed.  I believe this blog is so well produced for the following reasons:

1) The developers know their audience. (One example would be the content of the “news” page, consisting of celebrity gossip and various music news of artists from 2000’s through contemporary artists.)

2) It is easy to navigate.  (The site has a simple layout that is busy but not overcrowded.  Main pages of the blog are clearly marked.)

3) Collaborating with other sites/sources.  (This site compared to other blogs I’ve seen makes sure to post plenty of links to sites with related material, easy access to posting info to facebook and twitter from every screen as well as pinterest and other social media sites).

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