Spring- Daring Duos Activity

Yesterday, Lena Dunham tweeted, “After Spring Breakers I now view my booty as both a weapon and a liability. Also, I call it a booty.” Spring Breakers is a movie that follows four college friends (Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, and Rachel Korine) and their Spring Break escapades. Desperate to afford the trip, they rob a restaurant. They are bailed out of jail by a drug and arms dealer (James Franco), and then get caught up in his schemes.

Linda’s Take:

The trailer is a montage of racy clips flashing drugs, alcohol, gun violence…and our favorite childhood Disney stars, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens. That’s right- Gabriella, the math wiz Wildcat, has put down her pencil and picked up a gun.   Whether or not we like seeing these girls portrayed in this way, the fact of the matter is, they’re actresses. They act for a living, and that’s just what they’re doing in Spring Breakers.   I look forward to seeing Spring Breakers. I can’t wait to see these actresses step out of their classic roles and take on entirely new personas. I hope that after watching this movie, I too can “ view my booty as both a weapon and a liability.”

Veena’s Take:

I think Hollywood has tried to do its own take on Spring Break, Girls Gone Wild, or just in general, teenage craziness in the past. The new movie, Springbreakers, seems to look at all of these ideas. When I first heard about it, it seemed like a teenage version of The Hangover or another repeat of something like Project X. But, when you watch the trailer, it looks strangely serious and silly at the same time. We see the girls attempting to get cash for something…for Spring Break? And, they meet Lil Wayne looking James Franco on their trip? I think the movie, itself, will be interesting to see. The cast includes some popular actors like James Franco, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens. Though some people may not put this role as out of James Franco’s territory, I don’t think it’s something he has done before. And, I hope 12 year old Selena Gomez fans (although it’s rated R) don’t see this movie because their image of her might just be shattered. Benson will be leaving “A” from Pretty Little Liars and Hudgens won’t be singing “We’re All In This Together” from her High School Musical days. With this movie, I think Hollywood will once again, provoke controversy and surprise us at the same time. I hope Spring Breakers will at  contain a deeper message (if possible) or at least exemplify how crazy Spring Break can actually be. Maybe it’s so crazy, that the craziness, itself, is the message? Ha ha, I think it’s also safe to say that all of the actresses won’t be wearing proper clothes for at least 3/4 of the movie. It’s bikinis all the way in Spring Breakers.

4 thoughts to “Spring- Daring Duos Activity”

  1. In a very strange way, I kind of want to see this movie. I doubt I’ll feel like paying to see it in theaters, but I’m sure I’ll end up renting it (or streaming it online) at some point. It looks like the trashy but mildly entertaining kind of movie that I will watch while hanging out with my girlfriends, and it is all the more intriguing because of the actresses. Everyone loves the good girl gone bad act (looking at you, Vanessa and Selena). Unfortunately, James Franco isn’t even hot in this movie…sigh.

    1. This totally makes sense. At some point, the teen queens had to shed their ball gowns and trade in their glass slippers for thongs (It’s a kind of sandal people… a sandal). It’s so easy to get pigeon-holed in the entertainment industry, that it wouldn’t be enough for Gomez and Hudgens to just do a “grown up” movie. No – they have to slum it… but it’s make-believe, so it’s art not trash!

      Look at the Harry Potter kid, Daniel Radcliffe. One of the first gigs he got post-initial-Potter-success was that play where he gets naked and comes onto a horse. Losing the squeaky clean boy-wizard robes… and did you see him on Ricky Gervais’s show ‘Extras?’ He’s definitely a boy trying to be a man: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrSH_UOaO9w

      But there is a downside to proving your versatility, such as with Mr. Franco – sometimes, script calls for a handlebar mustache… 🙁

      1. The first time I saw the trailer for this movie was in class when we all watched it together (thanks for humoring us, T!). I have to say I was a bit shocked. The last time I saw Selena she was strolling around Waverly Place. But as Carly pointed out, if we’re allowed to grow, I guess Disney channel stars have to be allowed to grow up too. I guess I just pity the mothers who have to explain to their ten year old girls that they can’t go see the next movie with Selena and Vanessa. As I write this post, a bunch of my friends are out at the movie theater seeing this very film. I declined the invitation to go, but can’t say that I won’t stream it online sometime in the future.

  2. Okay, so I saw it.

    Let me back-up a little bit here: I had absolutely no interest in going to see this movie. None. Zippo. The second I heard James Franco’s character whisper “Spriiiing breaaaak” in the trailer, I got goose bumps and kind of bugged out a little bit…this could not be THE James Franco? And although I am the ULTIMATE Disney Channel fan (to this day, yes, sad, I know, but we must get past it), seeing Gomez and Hudgens strip themselves of their happy-go-lucky, tween identities wasn’t what bothered me at all. Instead, it was the image of teenage girls going on what looked like a normal Spring Break, but then…there’s guns in their hands? What kind of trailer was this?!

    So clearly my friends convinced me to go see it. I thought maybe it would be different. Maybe, like Veena hoped for, there would be a more meaningful message to come out of it. I, myself, had just gone on spring break and thought maybe this movie would be more of thriller, one where the girls would have to find a way to stay safe after falling into bad hands (as I thought about all of my parent’s fears before letting me go off to Mexico). At least that could have had some basic morals and life lessons to it…

    Okay, hmm…how do I put this gently? Remember that day in Ray’s class when we made a list of movie categories based on quality. It went something like: “Cinema –> Motion Picture –> Film –> Flick” (I am definitely missing a few). Point is, Spring Breakers, well, it fell WAY below flick, in my opinion. Honestly, the movie wasn’t anything I thought it would be; in fact, it was worse. I do not plan on ruining the movie for any of you who are anxious to see it (although truthfully, there isn’t much to “ruin” since there isn’t much of a plot) but the movie is not only absurdly unrealistic, it’s plain odd. Even my friends, who were originally psyched to see it, were questioning “who in the world could’ve possibly put money into such a production” by the end of it.

    If you’re sitting around with absolutely nothing to do, I’m sparing you your sanity now: please do not go see this movie. It is not worth the ten dollars I charged to my credit card. I don’t even think it’s worth the future four dollars On Demand. And definitely do not waste your time illegally trying to find it on the internet.

    I don’t know…maybe I missed some beautiful art form within the movie?

    Psh, who am I kidding. This movie was terrible.

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