An embarrassing journal entry from last year’s AAPTIS 291

The prominence of jinn and a curiosity for the superstitious is something I had no idea was so popular in Iran, and something I did not expect for such a religious society because I had always separated religion and superstition in my mind. One of the most interesting aspects of these raml practices was the use of mullahs or “sources of emulation” to determine whether the employment of raml is good or bad. Once again, the issue of ambiguity we discussed in class played a huge factor! The responses from mullahs were almost all obscure, requiring interpretation from the audience. I think you said it best when you asserted the responses you elicited attempted “to strike a balance between permissiveness and caution” (p. 17). In my opinion, it was the policemen on page 34 who best addressed the ambiguity by separating raml into “specialized” and “popular.”

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