The only thing I thought about when reading our Wednesday Word were babies. Okay, to be precise, I thought of Blue Ivy Carter (Beyone & Jay-Z’s daughter) because she so such a wittle cutie whose face is crafted together with the purity of Beyonce and sternness of Jay Z. But, of course, since I haven’t met Blue yet, it would be kind of weird to actually write an entire blog dedicated directly to her. Nonetheless, I do have another cute wittle baby to write about, and it’s only because I love him too much and he makes me feel all tingly inside.

My baby brother Braxton is 8 months, and in this picture, I can honestly say that he was indeed feeling blue. I went home last weekend to visit and he wasn’t his normal happy-go-lucky self, because he was just getting over a minor cold. It struck me deeply (look at my facial expression) when he didn’t want to play with my phone, pull my hair, or, most importantly smack me in the face. I was saddened, taken aback, and ironically, feeling blue. My little man looked at the camera like he wanted to slobber on it and did not want to do anything but eat and sleep. Just like a man!

Any who, it caused me to stay the night at my parents and make sure that I got all of the kisses I needed before I came to the realization that he, like us all, has his own personality, even at 8 months. He is his own little person, and gosh darnit, when he doesn’t want anything more than his paci, blanket, and animated characters on the tv screen, you give it to him!! Who can resist that little face feeling blue anyway?

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