Blue (yes, I know I’m late)

When I think of the word “blue” a lot of things come to mind.

First: The notion to want to say the word aloud just so I can hear the “oo-ness” of it and feel my lips form the shape of an “O”representing the “oo-ness” as I say it. I also notice the way the toungue goes forward lightly tapping the top two front teeth. ┬áIt’s actually a fun word to say, in my opinion.

Second: I think about sadness. Why blue is the color of sadness I don’t understand because it seems grey or black would be much more appropriate.

Third: I can’t help but think of Blues Clues (don’t act like you never watched it as a kid). Blue was a very intelligent pup.

Fourth: I think of all the yummy things that are blue that taste good; Blue popsicles, blue ice cream, blueberries, blueberry pie, blueberry muffins, blue kool-aid, blue anything is always the best flavor in my opinion.


One thought to “Blue (yes, I know I’m late)”

  1. Kelli, I agree with you that blue foods taste the best! I have loved the color my entire life, and I still do.

    I think the second point you make is really interesting, about blue being associated with sadness. I always wondered where that came from, and why being sad was called “having the blues.” Your post finally got me to look it up and there wasn’t really one decisive answer (that I could find; maybe someone else will have better luck). A lot of people said it’s because tears are “blue,” which I think just means tears are water and people associate water with blue. There was also something about when Zeus would get sad in Greek mythology he would cry and it would rain. So there’s something, though it all sounds pretty skeptical to me.

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