indentations in the soul

In the flurry of midterms and general stress, I seldom set aside time to appreciate writing that isn’t within the confines of coursework. Two and a half years into this college thing and the work/life balance has yet to ascend into my reality.

That’s what I spent Spring Break doing–partaking in activities I’ve always inherently enjoyed. Amidst a week of movie-watching, local adventuring, and midday naps, I came across a piece of writing that hit me in all the right places.

‘Beginning, End’ by Jessica Soffer┬áis a story of carefully fabricated phrases stitched to create an intricate web of moments and memories of two people and the lives they lead, together and apart.

While reading, I stepped away from my existence and my worries to be propelled into a world of “We feared the wind . . . We had to wonder.” And thinking about what those words meant to the author, what they might mean to me.

I was touched by Soffer’s ability to translate intense images of love and loss within a mere eight paragraphs. That’s when I realized that it is no matter the length of a story, essay, or article, when its content and message are strong enough to leave indentations in the soul of the reader.

When’s the last time you read something that made you pause to contemplate something bigger than yourself? That made you think beyond the here and now?

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