MY brutal paragraph

this is from a paper I recently wrote on comparing the modernity of football and baseball. needless to say I was stretching this baby out.


“The history of the sport of baseball is long and complex and also can be seen as blazing the trail for the other professional sports and the leagues that govern them. Baseball began as an urban game, played in boroughs and a variation of cricket (Markovits, Lecture, February 6, 2013). The sport grew as it became organized into a league and also distinguished itself from any collegiate or amateur versions by paying athletes. It was during the 1920’s and the 1950’s that baseball reined supreme as the most popular sport – this was its golden age (Markovits, Lecture, February 6, 2013). Baseball enjoyed this popularity because it was always so closely associated with ideals America was founded on – there are many components to baseball that contribute to this such as the fact that is untimed, and play is dictated by weather. This is very resembling to the agricultural society that dominated the pre-modern/pre-industrialization America. But how did baseball go from being the most popular sport for the first half of the twentieth century, to taking out ad space during the Super Bowl? This has to do with the rise of the National Football League and the luck it happened to have one fall in 1958. ”



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