Hellllllllo. I’m coming to you live from Spring Break 2013 here in the wintry wonderland that is Ann Arbor. Haven’t you heard…it’s lovely this time of year.

Today, I’m not dipping my feet in the ocean blue. I’m not sipping on something fruity with a pretty umbrella. I’m not letting the sun’s rays warm my skin. I’m not flipping through a novel poolside. (Boooooooo.)

Sometimes I wonder if what I’m doing will be worthwhile when I leave this town. Am I wasting my four years on this?

I’m taking a gender and sport class this semester – talking about the objectification of the female body, earning 0.75 cents to the male dollar, wondering if things someday will change. Every Monday and Wednesday morning, I walk out of the class feeling totally defeated (excuse the sport pun). I feel beat down and offended by exaggerated generalizations about women in sports.

Yet here I am, defending myself on a daily basis in a male-dominated sphere, giving all I am to this cause, incredibly tired and worn.  

This afternoon, a person that I am supposed to respect said one of the most demeaning things to me, the only girl in the building. What hurt the most was that this person found nothing wrong with this comment – he was just an alpha male saying what alpha males say. And there I was again, on the floor feeling defeated.

Why do we fight so hard when just a few, ignorantly chosen words can push us back in our place? While I realize that I blog a similar sentiment often, it’s never seemed so true: words are powerful. And sometimes, words really hurt.

What do you do after a day like today? Personally, I endorse a spring break trip to the U.S. of A. commercialism utopia, Target. Purchase a minmum of three new colors of nail polish, Haagen-Dazs coffee ice cream, a pair of hot pink earrings, and a new calculator watch to make your heart happy again.

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