Some more resources

First of all, thanks to Crystal for finding so much awesome stuff from all of these writers! I found Eula Biss’ piece “Time and Distance Overcome” to be particularly inspiring. If anyone else has ever read her piece “No Man’s Land,” it feels a lot like that, only much more explicitly dark.

I managed to find another of David Shields’ pieces, which was really interesting. It’s an essay crafted entirely out of quotes he found from bumperstickers and can be found here:  The link reports that this is the Shields essay in full, but I’m a little suspicious of the source. Having said that, it’s a really interesting piece that provides an interesting contrast to some of what Maggie Nelson talks about in her piece that Crystal linked to, specifically about quotation and individualism.

Bhanu Kapil’s poetry/essays are pretty difficult for me to follow anyway, but this one seemed to make a little more sense to me. It’s called Poem-essay 1, Jena Osman’s “The Network”:

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