Spring is Here… Yay?

“The way that I always know that spring is coming is I can hear the birds again.” -Kelsey Ann Wessel

Kaitlin: After a long Michigan winter, spring is one of the most welcome sights for us college kids. No more wandering out into blizzards, dragging ourselves out of bed into 20 degrees and biting wind, or taking an extra ten minutes to add an extra layer before classes.

That doesn’t look enjoyable, does it? Bring on spring.

Kelsey-Ann: …And now I’m about to dash all pretenses of hope.  Spring brings exams.  Lots of them.  Big ones.  Make-or-break your grade ones.  And let us not forget homework and essays and registering for classes.  Yeah, hooray for Spring.  At least the sunny weather makes up for the overload of work.

It will be a few months late, but you kind of want to crawl under your sheets and hibernate for a while.

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