The “in-between” stage

Right now, I’m in the “in-between” stage. Last semester was my first in the Minor in Writing program and I finished the Gateway course (Writing 220) in December. I won’t be taking the Capstone course until over a year from now, so I’m left to continue fulfilling the other minor requirements! I am currently taking English 325 to fulfill one of the ULWR requirements. So far it has been an interesting journey…

Taking English 325 is proving to be very different than any of the business classes I am in at Ross. It is expressive and thought provoking in ways that are so different than Accounting and Business Stats. It is a hard adjustment when I head from my Business Communication class (where we learn to write concise, informative memos, cover letters, and emails) to English 325, where everything is the opposite. Suddenly I have to write 10+ pages of expressive, detailed writing, which is exactly what I’m told NOT to do at Ross! Besides from that adjustment, it was also interesting moving from the Gateway course to English 325. The class size is bigger and, at least in my current class, there is less time for a continual revision process on essays. I must say, after experiencing both, I really appreciate how the Gateway course is set up, and hope the Capstone course is similar!

This “in-between” stage will be interesting, as I discover and learn new ways of writing and take a variety of courses!

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