This Paragraph I Wrote Is Horrible

Humanitarianism and human rights took on a new meaning in the 1990s. During this decade, many activists wanted to know what humanitarianism truly meant to them and the people of the third world. The difference between humanitarianism and human rights are human rights are the discourse of rights and humanitarianism is the discourse of needs. Humanitarianism is not a new concept, and it has been under scrutiny for many years. Barnett (2011) suggests that “humanitarianism” is concerned with meeting the needs of others by showing an act of kindness (p. 14).  Colonialism throughout the centuries can be seen as humanitarianism due to the white man’s burden. The white man went into other countries to “save” the people of color in these third-world countries. Internally, these European men thought they were doing the right thing because of their belief in Christianity. Essentially, the Europeans who went into these different countries believed it was their duty to help the “less fortunate,” but in actuality, they were attempting to make themselves feel better. They attempted to help people of color in the name of religion.

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