Well, this is embarrassing..

I’m honestly embarrassed that I turned this in as my final paper for Psych 317 during my freshmen year here at Michigan..


I’ve grown up in the same exact house in Canton, Michigan for my entire life, so I think it’s accurate to say that I have adapted well to my community, and I’m very familiar with the area in which I’ve lived all my life.  Coming to Ann Arbor was definitely different with such a lively downtown area with different kinds of people everywhere I walk, but I would guess that most of the college kids are in similar living situations as I am.  However, going to the Delray Neighborhood House for my internship is a completely different environment that I’m very unfamiliar with.


I can’t even post any more of it because it’s too painful for me to read.  Everything was just so repetitive and way too wordy.  I think I just tried to stretch my paragraphs out because of a page limit or something, but clearly, it did not work–the whole essay was just confusing and uninteresting.

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