Collection of Artists.

I love my class. Ray is pretty cool, but also I think I got lucky with theĀ people in our class. I was just re-reading the revisions to my ‘Why I Write’ from my group members today and I just am so thankful that I have such open, honest and creative classmates. It really makes writing fun and I love reading everyone’s writing too.


Our class is the shit.



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  1. Matt,

    I completely agree! I actually said the same thing to my group today while we were peer editing. Taking mostly science classes throughout undergrad has made it pretty hard for me to get to know my peers. I’ve gone through semesters in 300+ kid lecture halls without even realizing some of my friends were in my classes – not cool. With my English classes, on the other hand, I find myself having ~20 awesome friends by the end of it and really getting an opportunity to learn a lot from the other super talented students who go here. That’s honestly one of the things that drove me to apply for the Minor program. So, I agree – our class IS the shit.

    Oh and I also realized today that this is the first class ever that I haven’t looked at the clock once throughout the semester. Not finding yourself bored once in a class? WHAT? Pretty badass.


  2. Haha! I totally agree with both of you guys! Cortney, I figured the same thing: My english classes have been pretty small and “family-like” so I’m sure the Minor In Writing class will be something pretty similar, if anything better. And I was right! I still keep in touch with kids from my Argumentative English class (it was a tiny group of 8)…plus, you’ll always find me beaming whenever I pass one of them in the Diag. to this day. I feel like that’s how it will be with you guys and I absolutely love knowing that! And the fact that my group, as well, put in so much time and effort to look over my paper and critique it, I can tell that they really do care. What’s even cooler is that from all of the peer-editing and especially from all of our quirky conversations at the start of class (thanks Ray!), we have come to learn things about one another that the majority of our other peers…maybe even some of our best friends…will never know about us!

    I have never recommended a class to my friends as much as I have recommended taking Ray’s. All I tell them is, “Ray’s class is the college experience. This is the class you will remember and look back on when you think about your time here at Michigan, I promise you that. You can’t find many classes like it.”

    …except let’s be honest, nobody’s class will live up to our group ;D

  3. Matt, stop being so nice and likeable for once….

    But yeah, this class is awesome. One of my worries coming to this University was that I wouldn’t form personal relationships with my professors. In large lectures, I think it is difficult to be ‘known’ by professors. It is way easier to blend in with the rest of the students. Our class dynamic is a special one. Part of it has to do with everyone’s open attitudes in sharing personal details of their lives. This is a unique feature of the class that has allowed us to quickly get to know each other (thanks to Ray’s often intensely personal questions). But beyond getting to know each other, I have a greater appreciation for each person because of their openness. We always have great discussion where each person doesn’t participate because we have to, but because we want to. A+ for all. Right Ray?

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